You can create buzz.

You can try to add some keys words on your web site that people search to make them find you on Google, like for example:

  • Here you can download for free the Game of Thrones S05E10
  • Here you can download the leak scene of Game of Thrones with full naked scenes of Sansa Stark
  • Here you can download Avengers: Age of Ultron in full HD for free
  • How to have an Iphone 6 for less than $20
  • Here you have the leak description of the next Iphone 7 that will have a special geek version with a Nespresso coffee machine inside.

Not sure it will work, and if people come, I am not sure they care about your API Service. So it’s a useless idea.

Who are your customers?

As for other business, a good start is to identify who are you customers and your competitors. If you know who could want to use your service and why it will be easier to identify their playground and then try to promote your service.

But you can’t just arrive on StackOverflow and create a post or answer to all topics related to your type of service: “I have a great API”. You will be identified as a spammer quickly.

If you know why your API Service could be useful, try to identify how people who have an issue that your Service could solve, search the solution. It could be send pertinent answer on specialized forum, publishing sample code on GitHub that solve common issue, or creating some “killer application” that demonstrate the capabilities of your service. . But as for other business, if you interest just few developers and already have a lot of competitors, it will be hard to make your mark.

So if you publish an API Service, if you want to make it used, you have to know why you have create this service and if there is market associate that justified the cost of the service.

My service is not design to make money!

Good, but that changes nothing. If you invest on an API Service, you want that developers use it to achieve your goals that have motivate its creation. If it is not the case, why creating an API service?