One of the most important challenges of a project that wants to engage itself on the Devops Path is to reduce the noise on information flows between activities. Each time you have to take a data from a document to put it on another you create noise. You can make a mistake on the copy/paste; you can misunderstand the value you copy and loose some information or create false one; or you just cost time on a useless action.

To limit noise, the idea is to share the same Information System with all activities in a way it allow each one to have that fit its own needs.

All start with the architecture. If the guy who think the architecture of your project design that for some purpose component A has to send requests to component B to consume the API it proposes; it imply a lot of configuration.

  • Component B has to listen connection on its IP and port.
  • A flow has to be open between component A and component B with the valid IP and port (and all elements on the route have to be properly configured).
  • The IP and port of component B has to be configured on component A playbook.
  • Component B has to be monitored on component A side (it’s a resource of component A).
  • The context of the requests sent from component A to component B has to be documented for Support team.

Here for example we saw that the network flows are not really attached to the VM but to the software components that are deploy on those servers.