How the support team will manage to diagnostic issue is rarely think from the begining. Usually on non Devops project, developer create a software they give to integration that package it and deliver to operator that install and try to keep it up and running until next release. And then marketing detect a strange issue, so they ask dev team to investigate and as they don’t understand what occurs they send a kindly mail to operators “We have a strange issue. Thanks to investigate quickly” just like they could send lemons to Cave Johnson. The problem here is that developers should have the best knowledge of how their software works. So if they don’t know how to investigate the issue, how could they think other guys know?

The Devops Path offer a way to solve those kind of issue; Developers will have to take care of support needs on build phase rather waiting issues occurs.

What support team need?

To be allow to do troubleshooting and to keep a service up and running, you need several tools:

  • Monitoring: To check every component and their resources are ok.
  • Post Install check: To check all components are well configured.
  • Organized Logs: To check if a problem has occurs on use of the service.
  • Functional Diagnostics: To check all the data are consistent

And for all those checks, actions plan to solve the issue.